During the pandemic, you may have found it difficult and costly to retain an office or shop and may be looking for ways to cut your costs.  Have you considered renting desk space in a hygienic, modern office space on the high street with a series of safety measures in place to protect you and your customers?

Safety measures include; daily cleaning schedule, hand sanitisers, physical distancing and anti-virus wipes for all equipment.

We’ve made the pricing really simple to understand.

Although there’s no minimum contract we hope that you stay with us for a while.

No Minimum Contract

£160 – PER MONTH


• £450.00 FOR 3 MONTHS

• £880.00 FOR 6 MONTHS

• £1680.00 FOR 12 MONTHS

Plus one month rent payable as a deposit

Terms & Conditions Apply

The monthly fee includes a secure/lockable pedestal

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Location: 103 Seaside Road, Eastbourne, BN21 3PJ

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