I use the Eastbourne Business Hub for my mobile app development business. I am so grateful I found this brilliant modern business environment to do my work. I honestly could not ask for better. The office space is modern, immaculately clean and has all the support structures I need to conduct business — superfast broadband, printing and breakout areas for when I need to have clients visit and right in the town centre.  

What is important for me is that I have my own designated space and do not have to put up with hot-desking, like so many shared office spaces, that I had found when I was searching for office space. It makes me feel it is my office and I belong here. The working environment has no clutter and is a quiet place to work; this is important as I need to concentrate without distractions. 

I really cannot believe I found such a quality business environment at such a bargain price and to top it all, the owner, Christos Stylianou is a great guy to know. He is always on hand to help with any issues and is always helpful and a positive influence in the hub. I would recommend the Eastbourne Business Hub to any business or professional who is looking for a cost-effective alternative to commercial renting.